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Nativity Play 2020

The Woodville tradition of children dressing up and acting out the Christmas story on Christmas Eve has not been a victim of COVID. The Bright Sparks children have prepared the story ahead of time and they have created a video presentation ready for families, particularly from our Playgroup, to watch and join in.  

It is a real treat so do have a look! Click here to view the video Can’t beat Christmas 2020. 

We invite you to dress up for every character in the story and repeat the words after our actors. You may have our bag of dress ups and we will let you know when to put them on. If not, you will need your own crown, hammer, broom, halo, candy cane, star, and key. 

Thanks for joining in!                     

Can’t beat Christmas 2020

Our carpark will come alive on Christmas Eve at 6:30 pm with scenes of the Christmas Story set out, real life actors, music and more. Visit the Nativity any time between 6:30 pm and 7:30 pm.

Starting at the welcome table, the first 90 children will receive a gift bag full of home-made costumes, a puzzle/story book and more.  Our website will have a Youtube video retelling the story prepared by our own Bright Sparks.
Scene 1 – Mary and Joseph in Nazareth (Joseph hammering away and Mary doing household chores)
Scene 2 – Shepherds looking after their sheep (probably making a lamb stew)
Scene 3 – Angels (shiny and bright)  Take your photo with the wings
Scene 4 – Herod (amongst the riches and claiming he’s the King)
Scene 5 – The three wisemen (gifts and camels following a star)
Scene 6 – The innkeeper (no rooms left)
Scene 7 – The nativity (the stable, with baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph)

We end with a farewell (an iceblock treat to chill down for the first 90 people).
There are other activities along the way for children to participate in.
Invite your family and friends to come along for a great walk through experience. 

It's OK! Angels Abound

Christmas Services 2019
6:30 pm Christmas Eve Family Service – It’s OK Angels Abound 
A Christmas Pageant for the children is held each year at 6:30 pm on Christmas Eve. Playgroups and Bright Sparks children enact the Christmas story and all are welcome to participate in costume on the night. Arrive at 6:00 pm to choose a costume and dress ready for a 6:30 pm start.

9:00 am Christmas Day
Join us in celebrating the birth of Jesus.

Christmas 2018 - Mary and Joseph's journey

During the 2018 Christmas Season, Mary and Joseph were on an exciting journey. These photos capture their 2018 journey. 


The Uniting Church offers baptism to those who wish to affirm their faith in God and to families wishing to have their child baptised. The congregation welcomes those who are baptised and promises to care for and nurture the child or adult being baptised into the Christian faith.

The Uniting Church also offers a Service of Thanksgiving for a child.

Contact the church office (08 8445 2630) for an appointment with the minister.


Contact the church office (08 8445 2630) for an appointment with the minister if you wish to book a date for a church wedding. Weddings at Woodville Uniting Church will be conducted by the UCA minister in placement.


Contact the church office (08 8445 2630) for an appointment with the minister if you wish to have a family funeral conducted in the church.

Christmas and Easter

Christmas and Easter are two special events in the Christian calendar that are celebrated annually.

Easter is celebrated with special services on Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Day.